win the
divorce game

without either of you losing

dead zone

Most people understand that divorce is hard. What no one ever tells you is how agonizing the time is between when the decision for divorce was made and the divorce being done. This is called the “pre-divorce dead zone.”

For me it was filled with anger, self loathing and hopelessness. Worse, I thought I was alone.

the hardest time
no one told you about

But I’m here to tell you that not only can you make it out of it, but that you can win…without you or your spouse needing to lose.

The pre-divorce dead zone involves some of the most important decisions of your life. You must be game ready.

game ready system

Prepare for your divorce like a pro athlete training for game day. We’ll get your mind, body and spirit game ready so you can perform at your best during this incredibly pivotal time of your life.

Most importantly, we plan and execute your winning strategy so you come out the other side of your divorce quickly and economically, with all your key players taken care of.

build mindset


Eye on the prize, focus, be on your game.

Don’t go solo


Gather strategists and supporters.

get in shape


Set a schedule and get guidance.

strategy to win


Keep your goal on target.